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Farewell to Key & Peele

Me Jordan Meatball
Tonight’s the series finale of Key & Peele a show that I really believe to be the most important sketch show ever, both culturally and to me personally. Before they let me be a PA before season 3 I was working at a liquor store, and two years later I left the show with relationships to people whom I honestly feel as close to as any one in my life.

Me Keegan Scream
I haven’t told too many people this, but when I told Keegan I had to stop being his assistant and accept another job, I literally cried my eyes out in his trailer. The fact that dude didn’t call the police in that moment shows how incredible of a guy he is.
Working with Keegan, Jordan, Peter Atencio, Jay Martel, and Ian Roberts was like going to an Ivy League Comedy Grad School. Them and the entire Key & Peele crew taught a 5 season clinic on the right way to do comedy.
I’ll really miss this show.
On a giddier note, here is my favorite Key & Peele sketch ever. How the fuck did they even get this on television?