My Bizarre Twitter Conversation with Guster and The Olive Garden


Tweeted this, thought it was way funnier than anyone else did.

Guster Rhymes 1

Then Guster saw the tweet and immediately recognized how genius my idea was.

Guster Rhymes 2

Now that myself and Guster have committed to this revolutionary project, we just need the help of one more man. As if billions of dollars aren’t good enough motivation, Guster decided to sweeten the pot.

Guster Rhymes 3

Free pasta from one of the world’s most respected Italian bistros. God damn this is getting good.

Guster Rhymes 5

Holy shit, a 4th party throws their marinara-stained hat into the ring!  Olive Garden has pledged herself to the musical revolution! Don’t mess this up for us Busta Rhymes, you fast-talking motherjumper.

Guster Rhymes 6

Not sure what this means, but I can’t help but sense a hint of eroticism.

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