Westboro Baptist Church Doesn’t Get My Twitter Joke

Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 9.47.45 AMRecently The Westboro Baptist Church announced plans to protest various media outlets. The idea of calling it a “tour” was  hilarious to me, so I wrote this half decent-tweet (I give it a 6).

The fucking idiots shit over at The Westboro Church some how saw it, and of course totally didn’t pick up on the fact that I was making fun of them.

Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 9.48.16 AM

And then that tweet was allegedly retweeted by Fred Phelps’ dumb ass son.

Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 9.48.50 AM

I’m not going to respond to any of it because that’s their whole goal, but here’s a link to one of my favorite things that have ever happened on the internet, when Margie Phelps tweeted about how Steve Jobs was going to hell from her iPhone.

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